XiangYang Scenario

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XiangYang Scenario

Post  EastWind on Thu Oct 18, 2012 4:54 am

This is the map of xiangyang, it is the last scen we will have for a very very long time, 20 chest for speed demon, and 2 possible in map.
HuaTuo the medic is always useful in any scen when you are still not yet strong enough.

Player1 (green line) should be the stronger one, must be able to kill three without refill to sure SD. Target: Kublai Khan, Minmin Temur, Ogedei Khan, Mu Huali.

Player2 (red line) takes the quick march and run all the way to the back of map. After killing GK, have to watch the CD on the way back to kill Jebei, CD will be red if you walk too fast. Target: Orda Khan, Tolui, Genghis Khan, Jebei.


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