Nobles Confer every 4 years during the election day.

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Nobles Confer every 4 years during the election day.

Post  xelhes on Sun Oct 14, 2012 4:04 pm

殺™ will provide 3*Kingdom Task everyday. I believe by now most of us will know tat nobles will get more rewards and since we are the 1 who doing it, for that regard most of Nobles are reserved for 殺™. If other legion can provide task, then make a proposal to xelhes/achilles/Firetiger. So we can provide more positions.
Hope the rest will understand why we confer 殺™ guys more, which mainly due to those Task-ID are req certain and be in top 100 of shu in order to be confer and ofc need gold as well to get the task. So it req quite alot xtra work to monitor those Task-ID.

Help the kingdom, help yourself.
You stronger = Kingdom stronger.

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